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NEW - Cisco / VMware / NetApp VDI Design Guide (TR-3770)


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As we continue to strengthen and expand our relationships with both Cisco and VMware to define next generation data centers and our industry-leading VDI solutions, we're proud to announce another jointly-branded solution.  This VDI Design Guide (TR-3770) highlights how to build scalable, cost effective, easy-to-deploy VDI solutions using VMware View and the Cisco Nexus switching platforms.

This Design Guide builds on our best practice guidance in TR-3705 and previous Reference Architectureswith VMware

As always, thank you for your previous input on our VDI projects, and we continue to welcome your feedback on this latest collaboration.


Hmm, when I saw "Nexus" I thought "FCoE" - but this is not the case this time. I was wondering whether some kind of a 'real-life' solution around FCoE is doable as it stands of today.

Many people are talking about this, but I am still yet to see an end-to-end implementation.

Anyway - with or without FCoE, it is still very useful document!




Good question Radek.  Couple of responses:

1 - While NetApp was the first vendor to show end-to-end interop with Cisco and VMware for FCoE back in Fall'08, the official FCoE standard was not ratified until a couple weeks ago.  Many customers often hold off until the ink of the standards are dry before deploying.

2 - We are actively working with Cisco and VMware on FCoE and Ethernet storage solutions because there is tremendous opportunities for cost-savings and simplified management with unified fabric.  I don't have official dates yet, but check back regularly and we'll work on announcements soon.

- BG


Check out the document 'Cisco, NetApp, VMWare Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy Design Guide' in NetApp Community.


Goal of This Document
Cisco®, VMware®, and NetApp® have jointly designed a best-in-breed Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy
(ESMT) Architecture and have validated this design in a lab environment.

This document describes the design of and the rationale behind the Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy Architecture. The design includes many issues that must be addressed prior to deployment as no two environments are alike. This document also discusses the problems that this architecture solves and the four pillars of an Enhanced
Secure Multi-Tenancy environment.


The target audience for this document includes, but is not limited to, sales engineers, field consultants,
professional services, IT managers, partner engineering, and customers who wish to deploy an Enhanced
Secure Multi-Tenancy (ESMT) environment consisting of best-of-breed products from Cisco, NetApp,
and VMware.


This document is intended to articulate the design considerations and validation efforts required to
design, deploy, and backup Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy virtual IT-as-a-service.

Just follow this link to see document 'Cisco, NetApp, VMWare Enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy Design Guide'