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NFS Path on ESXi 5 Hosts Post Volume & Qtree renaming



I have to rename a volume and qtree that are mounted as NFS Exports to ESXi 5 clusters. I understand the NetApp part of doing vol renaming and qtree renaming, doing test in my lab using ESXi 4.1, the VMs did not loose connectivity during renaming. I also had auto export enabled that caused the export entry to be automatically updated post rename.

After renaming the volume & qtree names, the issue is: the ESXi hosts didn't update and listed the new path in its configuration -> storage section. I also rescan and refreshed but that didn't make any changes however the VMs are working normal possibly because UUID remains the same.

I would like to know should the ESXi hosts update to a new path when we hit the rescan button?

Do I need to unmount the datastore and remount the datastore using a new path to fix the issue? This will require Storage vMotion or turning Off the VMs so not ideal.

Is there any other feature from VMware that fixes this issue?

Let me know if you have any further questions.





Rescan does not touch NFS datastores, only iSCSI and/or FC LUNs.

I think you are right that either Storage vMotion or cold migration to a new datastore is the way to solve it.