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NetApp management on different IP segment(vSphere 4.1 + VSC2.0)



I hope somebody can help me with the following problem:

Our ESXi hosts connect to multiple IP addresses (vif0 - aliases) to our NetApp SAN - ,,, etc..

Our NetApp management interface e0m has a IP addresses in a different IP segment -

When VSC2.0 discovers my Storage Controllers I am unable to connect because management is not available in the 192.168.10.x segment.

What do I need to do to get VSC 2.0 working when my management interface is on a different IP range?

Thanks in advance.

With kind regards,

Hans Booms




I will try to answer you as we have the same problem...

We have a lot of remote offices with local netapps and vSphere 4.1 hosts. Each remote offices has a range of our global private B class network, 172.25.X.X.

For each remtoe office we create a Storage VLAN to comunicate NetApp and Hosts. 192.168.X.X. (It is very important you use different IPs for each controller, for example if you use for two remote office the IP addres for NetApp controller, what you can do as it's a private network, VSC will think is the same plant, and cause problems), for that we use a 192.168.XXX.5, being XXX the 172.25.Y.X Y range in our global private B network.

Then, in VSC you have to add storage controller, inside Provisioning and clonning --> Storage Controllers, specifying management network and credentials.

Follow the wizard, and in Resources settings you must select only Storage Interface, instead of management. Doing it when you provision new datastores to hosts it will use the Storage IP address to mount datastores by NFS.

Once provisoned datastores you should launch a discovery in VSC, as you use different Storage IP address for each storage controller it will detecta all controller as independent controllers.

I hope it will helps you. Goodbye 😉


Hi Cesar,

Thanks for the reply. But one thing I still dont get is that when I discover my Storage Controllers in Virtual Storage Console I see my aliases of the NetApp. When I then try to connect to these Storage Controllers it fails because the management interface is not active there. The SAN has 2 networks, e0m, where the http management interface runs on and vif1, where the NFS/iSCSI volumes are connected over. VSC attempts to connect on vif1 but there is not management tool running on there. How do I resolve that part? Because I want to see more details in "Storage Details - SAN" tab.




You have to add storage controller into Provisioning and Cloning Section --> Storage Controllers manually. There you should specify management network and user with permissions.

Later, on the wizard to add storage controller, you specify in resources to use the Storage Interface, that is, vif1. This will cause that VSC when tries to provision a datastore mounts it on hosts using vif1 IP address.

Discovery will identify your storage controller using the vif1 IP address as it uses the storage mounted on vSphere hosts to identify NetApps. But to use Provisioning and Cloning you should add storage controller manually.

Discovery process is useful to discover datastores to create backup jobs...



Ok I have added the NetApp to Provisioning and Cloning. When I now click on VSC -> Overview -> Update a popup while come to enter my crediantials for the netapp aliases. If I enter my credentials I get the following error "SSL is not Configured".. I unchecked the "Use SSL" but I still get the message.

VPX log File

2011-04-19 16:35:10,873 (1819318) [1525402018@qtp-163905324-16] INFO  com.netapp.exoforce.server.ZapiUtil - ConnectException: Connection refused: connect
2011-04-19 16:35:10,873 (1819318) [1525402018@qtp-163905324-16] DEBUG com.netapp.exoforce.server.DataServiceImpl - Controller ( SSL is not configured
2011-04-19 16:35:10,873 (1819318) [1525402018@qtp-163905324-16] DEBUG com.netapp.exoforce.server.DataServiceImpl - Handling exception: SSL is not configured
2011-04-19 16:35:10,873 (1819318) [1525402018@qtp-163905324-16] FATAL com.netapp.exoforce.server.DataServiceImpl - SSL is not configured
netapp.manage.NaProtocolException: SSL is not configured




Can you configure SSL ?

If yes just execute next command on SSH on filer: secureadmin setup ssl. I didn't try without SSL.

You can also do it by Filer View.



I will try that tomorrow morning. Thanx




SSL is enabled. See below :

NETAPP*> secureadmin status

ssh2    - active

ssh1    - active

ssl     - active




Can you login to filer view with https ?

Have seen issued with 8.0.1 where you need to generate certificate, because there is no defautl selfsigned cert on the filer...

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