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NetApp with VMWare

there are a few NetApp VMWare components available, I am confusing how they work together to protect the VMWare. Can somebody shares your experience? thanks advance.

1). SnapCenter VMWare plug-in

2). virtual storage console (VSC)

3). site recovery manager (SRM)

4). VASA provider (vSphere APIC for storage awareness)

5). storage replication adapter (SRA)


Re: NetApp with VMWare

SnapCenter VMware plugin ->  https://docs.netapp.com/ocsc-41/topic/com.netapp.doc.ocsc-con/GUID-49D66AC0-F012-4993-80BD-8F3353F80220.html 


3). site recovery manager (SRM) ->  A VMware Tool that handles VM replication  https://www.vmware.com/products/site-recovery-manager.html


2). virtual storage console (VSC)  - see link below 

4). VASA provider  see link below  - see link below 

5). storage replication adapter (SRA) -> the "hook" between SRM and ONTAP.   - see link below 


for 2,4,5 ->   




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