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Netapp + VMware Configuration


I'm setting up a new FAS2040 to provide storage to a VMware environment using iSCSI. I'm hoping someone can validate my configuration and let me know if I should add or change anything.

Equipment being used: FAS2040 running 8.0.1, 2x Cisco 3750s Stacked, 4x Dell R710 running ESXi 4.1

On the Netapp, I have two LUNs, each stored on their own volume, both thin provisioned. One LUN will store my VMDKs and the second LUN will store the VM swap files. I created one VIF to handle my iSCSI traffic. The VIF is configured with two physical nics, LACP,  IP load balancing, and two IP addresses. I have one nic connected to each 3750, and a cross-stack lacp port channel group.

On my ESX hosts, I have a dedicated iSCSI vSwitch, with one VMkernel, two physical nics (both active), one IP address, configured with "Route based on IP hash" load balancing and "Link status only" failover detection. Each physical nic from the VMkernel connects to each 3750, with a cross-track basic port channel group.

On the switch side, I have jumbo frames and flow control enabled.

Should I add or change anything to this configuration? Is there anything I am missing or anything I can do better?

Thanks  in advance!



Your config looks good, I have almost the same setup a client site, except juniper switches...The only thing I would change is look at NFS storage...much easier to setup, mask(By IP), and works great with VMware...We have 2 datastores, gold for highest priority stuff,and silver for less critical VM's with Dedupe turned on...