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Netapp Virtual storage console V4.1


I am trying to install netapp virtual storage console 4.1 on my Vsphere virtual centre V5 server.  But part of the installation I get error message regarding the wrapper.  The message reads:

wrapper | unable to write to the configured log directory: log (access is denied) (0x5))

Wrapper | The wrapper may also have problems writing or rolling the log file.

wrapper | Please make sure that the current user has read/write access.

It completes the install, but the service is not started, and you have to start it manually.

I have tried various accounts and they all have acces.  I am installing it on a w2008 r2 64bit server.

Any advise please.


Re: Netapp Virtual storage console V4.1


It looks like you are facing UAC preventing the install from completing.  The steps in the following KB should allow full installation.


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