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OnCommand 1.0 for VMware does not show all datastores for restore to alternate location


Hi All,

I am attempting to restore some VM's to an alternate location.  In the wizard from the Host 1.0 plugin, you can tell the software to restore the vmdks to alternate locations.  The only problem I have with that is the fact that the drop down does not show all of my datastores and in particular the one I want to restore to.  I am not able to manually type in the location either.  Any thoughts on how to resolve this?  I thought perhaps just an update of the ESX host via the plugin would work, but that did not help.





Hi Michael,

     Is the datastore you are looking for is reported under the datastore inventory and not in the Restore wizard. Or in both place ?

If its both then it could be a monitoring problem.




Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have multiple datastores that do not show up in the restore wizard, but they do show up in datastore inventory. For example, one of the datastores is vmds_test_os2. If I restore a VM to the original location and it resides on that datastore, it works. If I choose a VM that does not reside on that datastore, but I specify to restore to a different location, then I cannot find vmds_test_os2 in the datastore drop down. It does appear in the inventory display though.



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