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Ontap 8.1.3 FC direct attached



can anyone describe the procedure for direct attached fibrechannel?

Right now we have a 2240-2 HA (running ONTAP 8.1.3SP2) with FC modules installed:

NetApp Ctrl 1: FC Adapters

1a connected to ESX#1 Port 1

1b connected to ESX#2 Port 1

NetApp Ctrl 2: FC Adapters

1a connected to ESX#1 Port 2

1b connected to ESX#2 Port 2

Now we created igroups on each controller

Ctrl1 and Ctrl2: each igroup consists of WWPNs:

ESX#1 Port 1, ESX#1 Port 2

ESX#2 Port 1, ESX#2 Port 2

(so each igroup consists of 4 WWPNs).

Ctrl1: Igroup 1 consists of 4 WWPNs with LUN 0 and 1

Ctrl2: Igroup 2 consists of 4 WWPNs with LUN 2 and 3

(I had to change LUN ID manually, otherwise System Manager complained about "Partner has LUN mapped already")

In VMWare we installed the VSC 4.2 and executed the optimized adapter settings.

When I look into the paths I see each ESX Hosts has two paths to every LUN, one marked with active (I/O) and one marked only "active", so everything seems to be ok.

Question is, is multi-path setup right? Failover test was successful, but I wonder if I have to do any other settings, like multi-path type selection (round robin, etc)

Do I have to take any other settings in ONTAP?



Hi ,

I would recommend you to go through TR-4068

It captures all the best pracs with NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.1 and VMware vSphere 5

TR 4068 link http://www.netapp.com/us/system/pdf-reader.aspx?m=tr-4068.pdf&cc=us

> is multi-path setup right?

This is explained in page 133,



By default, ALUA is on in both vSphere and NetApp clustered Data ONTAP. The NMP recognizes the NetApp cluster as ALUA, and it uses the ALUA Storage Array Type Plug-in (VMW_SATP_ALUA) and selects the Round Robin Path Selection Plug-in (VMW_PSP_RR). This means that I/O to the LUN alternates between the ALUA-optimized and the direct data paths to the LUN. Figure 38 shows a LUN on a four-node NetApp cluster, automatically configured for ALUA and round robin, with I/O on the two optimized paths of eight total paths.