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Port groups in SMVI not showing


Hey guys,

I am new to SMVI and I am very impressed with it.
I managed to work myself through most of the guides but I do seem to have a problem
with seeing anything under the port group section (Setup/General tab).
Is this normal?



Re: Port groups in SMVI not showing


I am having the same issue where in the Setup and under the General Tab the Port Groups section has nothing in it.  I don't see a edit or a way to modify it.  I have been trying to work with Netapp support but they just tell me to follow the Admin Setup Guide and I have went over that many times and there is nothing special for the Port Group setups at all.  Everything else with SMVI 2.0 works fine except the Port Groups which is not allowing me to perform a Single File Restore.  Any solution to this?

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