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Question ABout NetApp Simulator, disk extension


Hi Guys,

I have installed the simulator (8.1) in VMWare workstation 8.0 and all worked fine... by default, it had 4 NICs and 2 VMDKs and 2 Serial Ports.

the second VMDK had initially a size of (1GB Pr-allocated).. I decided then to expand this size to 20GB but after shutting down the VM and expanding the disk size, I could not power it back on as it said you need to remove at lease 1 PCI slot, (although I did not add any new hardware).

anyway, I ended up removing one NIC but the problem now is that the filer could not recognize the 20GB i expanded the disk with,,, I looked under "disks" and there was nothing there, also tried a new add agreggate wizard still can\t see the new disk space...

does anyone know how I can allocate the new 20GB?



Re: Question ABout NetApp Simulator, disk extension


I remember post on communities that described how to add additional disks to simulator. I do not have link handy, sorry. Try to search …

You can’t simply expand vmdk, because

- you need to expand file system on it and you do not have access to it anyway

- you still need to add virtual disks to simulator, it is not enough to just have more free space

Re: Question ABout NetApp Simulator, disk extension


Here is the link Miroslav posted.

Recipes for adding disks to a Data ONTAP 8 Simulator


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