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Rapid Cloning Utility 2.0


Yesterday I blogged about the new RCU 2.0 which will be a key tool for new (or perhaps even existing) VDI deployments involving NetApp. Angela has shared with us that the tool will be available for download next week which is great news! I though I would start a thread for folks to ask questions about how the tool works and what can or can't do. I would also ask that if you had any suggestions about the tool you post it here and we will make sure the development team sees your request. Stuff like "I wish the tool would..... make me coffee in the morning"  I can't promise the team will make that happen but I know they want to know how they improve the tool and tailor it to your VDI projects.




NetApp previewed a demo of RCU 2.0 at VMworld Europe .... There's been lots of discussion about RCU 2.0 so wanted to highlight it here. Also, nice comments from Angela and Abhinav in another thread including:

On 4/2, we will be releasing a new product "Rapid Cloning Utility (RCU) 2.0" that can automate the creation of all virtual desktops, including pooled non-persistent.  RCU 2.0 is a vCenter plug-in that automates the creation of NetApp FlexClones (both file-level and volume-level) and guest VM customization.  You also have the option to turn on the virtual machines when they are done.


Looks great!


I have asked a similar question to this in another thread, but it is quite relevant to RCU v2 so I thought I'd ask a bit more specifically here too.

I haven't read up on the new file level cloning features yet, so a quick question on that. How does it effect Snapmirror replication?


I think I answered your question on that thread located here Effectively the clones created by RCU 2 have no dependancies on each other so SnapMirror will replicate them normally and they remain deduped across the wire.


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