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Restore single file from NFS snapshot


We have a Windows 2012 server acting as our fileserver.  The vmdk that is used to store all of the content is on a netapp NFS export.  I'm trying to research a way to restore single files from snapshots from the SAN.  I've found other articles referring to vmdk mount but the vmdk on the Windows server is a GPT disk and it would seem that the vmdk mount does not work with GPT disks. 

Can the vmdk mount option work with GPT disks?  If so how?  Or are there any other solutions out there that can perform single file restores from snapshots? 


Re: Restore single file from NFS snapshot

Your question is not consistent (you mention NFS then restore from SAN) nor does it contain enough detail to confidently link to the correct command (7mode or CDOT) but here is how you can use snaprestore to recover single files from a snapshot in 7mode:


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