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SDW 6.3 - Timeout of 120 secs

I am receiving an error connecting to a lun from a Win 2K3R2 x64 VMware guest - I have read all the other posts on this issues, followedthem to the letter, however I still get the error. Does anyone have any newinformation on this?


SDW 6.3 - Timeout of 120 secs

How about letting us see the error message.

IIRC, there's already a SD 6.3.1... perhaps already a 6.3.2... a quick view of the fixes might get you your answers quicker.

SDW 6.3 - Timeout of 120 secs

Yes,sorry (fundamental piece of information!!!).

The error: A timeout of 120 secselapsed while waiting for volume arrival notification from the operating system

I have followed the installation guide and updated disk timeouts, LSI SCSI drivers, patches etc etc

SDW 6.3 - Timeout of 120 secs

You noted you're trying to connect to a lun.  Is this lun created by SDW? VMDK? Have you tried creating a new lun?

As a test, create a test volume then try to create a lun from SDW. 

SDW 6.3 - Timeout of 120 secs

I have since created my VM as a Windows 2008 R2 guest (3rdparty vendor give me the ok) as this OS / SDW combination worked flawlessly.

However, to answer your question, I can create a LUN withSDW, if I disconnect from the LUN and try to reconnect I receive the sameerror.

SDW 6.3 - Timeout of 120 secs

Check the preferred filer ip address, check dns going both directions, and confirm the ip address that gets resolved if you have multiple interfaces.

Do you have the host utility kit installed on the Hyper-v parent?  VM's will not need it. 

If you haven't yet, please open a NGS case so they can track with logs.

SDW 6.3 - Timeout of 120 secs

Preferred ip address configured, bidirectional resolution works fine andcorrect interface. This is VMware, not Microsoft so no need to HUK etc.

Will look to open a case when I get some time, for now we are using Win2K8which does not experience this issue.

I will post back, thanks for the assistance.

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