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SMVI Backup VMs need consolidation


since we started using SMVI we noticed that many VMs now show up an error indicating that they need consolidation. Is this a knwon problem with SMVI? I could not find anything related this issue to SMVI.

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Re: SMVI Backup VMs need consolidation

I've seen a lot of these with VSC 4.2.2/cDOT 8.2.2/ESXi5.5.


Unfortunately they're intermittent / irregular so we've not been able to determine a pattern enough to file a workable bug.

There's definitely some corrolation to it hitting busier VMs, and shifting other workloads to compensate for the vmdk-datastore snap has alleviated some of it.


If you can manage to get a BURT opened, post it, I'll definitely tag against it.