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SMVI SnapShot Errors



I am having issues backing up a couple of VMs via SMVI.

The error logs shows

2010-01-07 15:00:52,062 ERROR - VM "VM-NAME" will not be backed up since VMware snapshot create operation failed.
2010-01-07 15:00:52,062 INFO - Skipping datastore VM-NAME as it does not contain any valid virtual machine configurations.

The VI client error is

ARN - VMware Task "CreateSnapshot_Task" for entity "VM-NAME " failed with the following error: Creating a quiesced snapshot failed because the create snapshot operation exceeded the time limit for holding off I/O in the frozen virtual machine.

Can anyone provide assistance ?






You have landed up in a familiar situation looks like.

This error comes when VMware Snapshots are getting failed. So when SMVI is invoking VMware to take VMWare consistent snapshot they are failing.

Since you have enabled VMware consistent snapshot during the backup profiling ( this is by-default and best practice to do), you are seeing this.

Try taking a backup disabling that and see if the error persists.

Also, for VMware snapshot issue try taking a VMware snapshot directly from the VI server. (  for online VM. I'm pretty sure this will fail).

You need to go thorugh couple of VMware articles for this :


Best solution is simply to re-install VMware Tools on those VM machines. ( I hope you have installed that previously )

All the Best !!!

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