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SMVI - VM out-of-place restore


Where are the instructions for carrying out an out-of-place restore for a virtual machine on a NFS datastore (without storage Vmotion)?



Re: SMVI - VM out-of-place restore


SMVI has the capability to restore individual virtual disks (VMDKs) of a VM. This feature also allows disks to be restored to a different datastore. This is referred to as out-of-place restore. This allows VM administrators to test the consistency of the disks before attaching the disk to the VM. SMVI doesn’t attach the restored disks automatically if the VMDK is removed from the current configuration of the VM or restored to a different datastore. Out-of-place restore copies the virtual disk files to the destination datastore after which users have to attach the disks manually.

So you can select the VMDK. Then from the drop down you can select the datastore and click on next.



Re: SMVI - VM out-of-place restore

Thanks Amrita

I want to restore the entire Virtual Machine to a separate datastore for testing without affecting the live Virtual Machine, I don't think I'd be able to do this with the approach you mention above.

I can't see any documentation to support a redirection restore for a Virtual Machine.

Thanks again

Re: SMVI - VM out-of-place restore

You could try one thing just move the VMDK to a different datastore. Create a wrapper VM around this and test it out. Will that not work?

OR you could also mount the snapshot of the VM to verify its contents before you try to restore.



Re: SMVI - VM out-of-place restore

Thanks again Amitra.

I did think of this as an option however it's quite a bit of overhead as the process I need to put in is for ongoing restore testing.

I suppose I can just copy from snapshot - what would be the quickest way to do this, manual copy between datastores, Veeam, NDMP, etc?


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