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SMVI and vfilers


I have a FAS 3170 with vfilers.Each vfiler serves a certain vmware farm on NFS(it's a layer2 network from vfiler to ESX farm).Only base vfiler has access for mgmt.

-In order to perform SMVI backups/restores,does vcenter needs to access the vfiler IP interface?

-Can this be accessed from base vfiler?

-If not directly,Is there any way to use pre and post scripts in vcenter to provide access to SMVI from some thing like vfiler run commands?

What are my options of using SMVI and using base vfiler for creating backups and restores?

Any ideas/thoughts be appreciated.




Before answering your querry let me give you a short description of how it works :

One can create multiple vfilers on a single filer (base filer).

The idea behind this is something like this, say the admin of the base filer creates 4 volumes and creates 2 vfilers. Then he assigned 2 volumes to each vfilers.

and given this two vfiler to two different department. Once volume assign to vfiler then base filer admin dont have any control on those volume.

now it is the resposibility of those vfilers owner to do all management work on those volume like taking snapshot,restore etc.

If vfiler owner need one extra volume then he/she has to raise the request to the base filer admin to create a volume of desired size and assign it to the vfiler.

Vfiler owner can not create volume of it own.

Now lets get back to your Questions:

-In order to perform SMVI backups/restores,does vcenter needs to access  the vfiler IP interface?

Just add vfiler's ip in the setup page of smvi in the storage section. There is no need to add the ip of base filer also.

-Can this be accessed from base vfiler?

I dont think i got the point here. But as mentioned earlier once volume assign to the vfiler base filer has no control over it.

-If not directly,Is there any way to use pre and post scripts in vcenter  to provide access to SMVI from some thing like vfiler run commands?

Again not very clear what directly you want to access. But your pre and post script need to be in the "smvi\server\script" folder. These scripts are triggeres by smvi.

Vcenter has got nothing to do with those script. what vfiler command you want to run from the script?

What are my options of using SMVI and using base vfiler for creating  backups and restores?

As mentioned earlier if you are using vfiler then smvi setup page just mention vfiler ip it will work.

Base vfiler (vfiler0) or base filer don't require at all.

hope this help.




and does vfiler require to allow RSH access to be "accessible" via SMVI? or is it not needed? (i mean RSH checkbox in vfiler management wizard)


Kaushik and Amrita,

Thank you for your response.I did not realize,I had some response to the question.

May be i confused more.It makes more sense if each vfiler has been managed by a different group and each vfiler backups are handleded differently.It is not a flat network.Each vfiler goes to set of its own firewalls what not.

I worked with Netapp SMVI specialists and then they realized the issue and suggested to use seperate SMVI servers from vcenter which access the base vfiler and at the same time make a call to vcenter servers to get list of vfilers and number of vmdk in each vfiler to perform backups.

Even though you allocate volume to a vfiler,Volume control is not completly transferred to that vfiler.I am able to snapmirror etc from the base vfiler for all the volumes including the one assigned to vfilers.So at that i was wondering,is there any way SMVI can do the same.The answer to that was no from NetApp since it uses vfiler to get the individual vms within the datastore.




You would need to add the vfiler IP to the storage systems list in the set-up tab before you start to use SMVI for backups and restores. 



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