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SMVI for snapvault

Hi All,

Can SMVI configure, manage and monitor the snapvault backup schedule/status? Is it a GUI or CLI? I checked the SMVI manual, it seems that it's not for snapvault backup. Also,  how it works as this SMVI manual is not very clear?




Re: SMVI for snapvault

SMVI will only manage its own backups, in this case local snaps only, it is unaware of other snapvault backups on the filer.  When you set it up, you have to specify the data store that you are backing up, and that is all it reports on.  To get snapvault functionality, you actually have to run a script as part of the post process to vault the snapshots.

SMVI actually logs into Virtual Center, quiesces the VM, then takes a snapshot.  At that point, the filer takes a snapshot of the file system.  This ensures the VM is in a consistent state when the filer snapshot occurs.  There are both GUI and CLI versions of SMVI available, but still is only useful with VMWare.

Honestly, I have a co-worker at a previous job who wrote a snapvault monitoring script that is better than DFM and SMVI.

Re: SMVI for snapvault

Thanks for the info. By the way, is it possible to provide that wondeful script?

Thanks a lot!


Re: SMVI for snapvault

I'll see what I can do, my copy was corrupted somehow so I don't have a currently working one.

- Scott

Re: SMVI for snapvault

Our scripting Guru MAtt Robinson has come out with a script to integrate SMVI/VSC and SnapVault. Please take a look.




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