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SMVI on a StandAlone Window Server

Hey there,

I'm at a site where they haven't implemented Active Directory yet, its in the works, its a green field site.

They are implementing SMVI and I installed it on their vCenter server, when trying to connect and login as local administrator, I get the following message in the server.log file:

DEBUG - WindowsAuthenticationHandler: authenticate: User 'administrator' does not include domain name, cannot authenticate.

Server OS is W2k3 SP2 or whatever the latest is.

I'm using SMVI 1.2R1, latest from the web.

I've gotten around this by creating a local user from the SMVI CLI but don't like this solution.  Is there a config option or something that will allow me to log in with local administrator?


Chris Green


Re: SMVI on a StandAlone Window Server

Hi Chris,

The SMVI user that you created should have certain VC privileges like datastore mount,datastore rename etc. Does the user have those?



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