SRM 4.1

Any information about the NetApp SRA for SRM 4.1 ?

On the vmware SRM Download page there's no SRA for Netapp, no new version of the SRA for SRM 4.1 is available on Netapp Site and on the HCL for SRM last version for NetApp seems to be SRM 4.0.

Anyone know when the SRA will be out or if 1.4.3 is compatible?


Re: SRM 4.1

Today on Now 1.4.3 is finally downloadable (before it was only available on VMware SRM download page) but no mention of certification/support for SRM 4.1.

On the SRM 4.1 there's no mention for any Netapp SRA supported.

Anyone know something on when there will be a SRA for SRM 4.1 available?