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VMware Solutions Discussions

SRM fail back failed


I am testing vmware SRM and was able to fail over to the DR site. I tried to failback and it failed.

The way it is sitting now is the VM is running at the DR site, and everything was reversed on the protection plan.

Trying to do a recovery and it fails with "Error - Failed to sync data on replica device '/vol/DDC_TestDev_SRM/DDC_TestDev_SRM'. Device found is neither of the SAN type nor of the NAS type. Ensure that the device exists on the storage array and is of type NAS or SAN."

When I look at the snapmirror.conf on the DR netapp, I do not see any entry for this, but in on command under SnapMirror it is listed and the trasfer status is "ok"

Any help is appreciated!




In SRM under Array Managers\Devices does it show the snap mirror blue arrow pointing to the Protected site?  Are you able to do a snapmirror update?


Yes to both It shows that in SRM and in snapmirror I can update.


And this is a recovery, not a test right?  Did you generate the VMware Site Recovery Manger Log Bundle?  SAN or NFS?

If iSCSI, go under Host and Clusters\ESXi host\Configuration\Storage Adapters and verify you have a mounted iSCSI adapter.


Yes I am doing a recovery.

I have generated the log bundle



If you look on the DR Storage Array, do you actually see the device?  That is a common error listed on the SRA IAG and the corrective action is to "Ensure that the device exists on the storage array and is of type NAS or SAN." 


The lun is listed there






Did you try doing a test?  For a test failover SRA will create a new igroup, that will be removed during a test failover cleanup.


I didnt actually run the test.

So now I ran the test and the test worked.

Retried the recovery, and it worked.

Is testing of the recovery plan required?


Definitely not.  As a matter of fact the testing workflow requires a FlexClone license but the other workflows (Recovery\Reprotect) do not  I am thinking there may have been an issue with the igroup you were using.

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