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Server Requirements

Is there a good way to determine what server specs are needed for a given number of clients?


Re: Server Requirements

Check out the page 14 of NetApp VDI Best Practices TR 3705 on what to consider from the ESX Configuration maximums guide for sizing VDI environment.



Usually 8 VMs per core is what VMware recommends but there is a cap of 128 virtual CPUs per server. Also, factor in the memory requirements per VM when specing out the servers.



Re: Server Requirements


In addition to the guides that Abhinav referenced, if possible try to coolect performance data on the clients you are trying to virtualize. Even if you don't yet have actual VMs but just traditional desktops, try to gather as much data as you can on the desktops, you can then use that data when you are sizing the environment. Several tools work well, VMware Capacity planner is a common on to use though. Try to gather CPU stats, memory stats, Disk and network stats essentially as much IO related as you can gather. Also try to note when the peak loads occur, you will want to know when they work loads will hit your Virtual and Storage environments the hardest.


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