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Single file restore does not see all source VMs for restore


Hi All,

We recently installed the very latest version of VSC 2.0.1P1 and it seems to work fine except I am having issues with the SFR component.  When I attempt to go through the wizard, the first prompt is to select your source VM.  In the drop down, I am only getting 20 or so VMs, most of wich are remote not on NetApp and do not have SMVI backups of course.  I have dug everywhere I know to look and cannot figure out how to make SFR see all my VMS or at least my local VMS with SMVI snaps.  We installed VSC on our vCenter 4.1 server which is Windows 2008 STD 64Bit.  Does anyone have some ideas on how to troubleshoot and resolve?

Thanks in advance for the help.




Are your VMs in folders?

We have seen this issue when VMs are in folders.




Yes. All of them are. This product is very new to me and I did not realize that I could merely type in any server name I desired instead of relying on the drop down. Once I typed in the server names, I discovered I could go through the remainder of the wizard and it completed great. One thing else I noticed though is that it could take around 2 minutes per a ds that it had go mount. Is that normal. We are using fcp.


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Hi all.

Someone help me.

Now I have faced same situation. It is so slowly to finish SFR wizard.

When I added SFR session, It taken about 3 minutes per a datastore to move and rename datastore.

In my environment, ESX mounted 10 datastore . So It take about 30 minutes for complete SFR job...

How does everyone solve this problem ?

Sorry for poor english.


Ontap 7.3.6P5

VSC 2.2




If there is a load on filer or VC it may take time. Check if you face this always.




So far the slowness seems consistent, but where it can take 2 to 3 minutes or move per a datastore is the ESX resignature process.


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