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Snap Center Plugin for vmware vsphere - auto tagging


Hey all,

I don't know if here is the right place to ask, please be patient 🤗

We have On-prem environment based on VMWare vsphere (a few ESXi hosts and VMware VCenter). We also have Snap Center plugin for vmware VCetner installed on the VCenter itself, and a dedicated server for backups (snap center server on windows os, snap center version 4.0)


Since the plugin for VCenter is installed, we can to do a simple recovery actions from snapshots (restore a single vmdk file, de-attach and attach disks, restore entire vm, etc...). Those actions automatically creats a datastore (usually named snap-<some uid>) managed by the snap center vmware 'run as account'. I will call these 'snap center datastores'

However, a regular user still can create Virtual disks on these datastores - makig it difficult to manage. 

We thought create a storage policy that prevent a regular VM disks reside on Datastore generated by the snap center. For this to come out, we need to find a way to attach vmware tag to each datastore created by the snapcenter.


Is it possible to define some vmware storage tag added automatically to those datastores when they are created?

This is important for us since we have some "leftovers" - snap center datastores being kept for a long time for some research reasons.


Hope this message is clear enough 😊







Based on your detail provided, you wanting the datastore created during a clone or restore to a have a specific tag like the option you have within Vsphere (Tags &Custom Attributes). Currently there is no such option within Snapcenter.

You should be able to add tag once the datastore is available from the vsphere itself.

You can also reach out to your account team to assist in getting your request to Engineering if possible.




I wanted to use the tagging feature in order to assign a specific storage policy to those datastores, in order to prohibit regular users to write a new files to the restored datastore.

It turns out that when someone place a new vmdk file in Datastore created by the snap center, the snap center plugin see's it as attached disk - which will cause a problems when trying to remove the snap center datastore in the future.


Do you have another  suggest how do I prevent such situations?