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SnapClone a physical SQL DB to a VM -- can't then move the VM to another host?


Environment: FAS8040,  7-Mode 8.2.2p1, Vsphere 5.1 U3; FC and iSCSI datastores available.


I want to clone a SQL 2008r2 DB that lives on a physical Windows failover cluster to a virtual machine. This is to replace another cluster as the destination. I want to be able to take advantage of VMware's HA capability to ensure reasonable up-time on the clone.


I can clone the database via SnapManager (7.1) to the VM, this works fine. But once the clone is in place, the VM can't be moved to another host with VMotion. The Compatibility window in the Migrate Virtual Machine dialog displays an error message for each of the cloned VMDKs:  "Virtual disk 'Hard disk 7' is a mapped direct-access LUN that is not accessible.'




I suspect the problem may be that the cloned LUN doesn't have any initiators listed other than that of the original target host?


Is it even possible to VMotion a machine holding a cloned database to another host?



Most probably, what you suspect could be right. You may confirm this by issuing "lun show -v" and "igroup show -v" commands on the storage system's commandline. It will show whether the LUNs are mapped or not, and if mapped, to which host(s).

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