SnapDrive and MS Clusters

Firstly, I'll state an assumption which we seem to have demonstrated but are not sure is correct is a fact.

"When using sdcli (or SnapDrive MMC plugin), mounting 'shared disk' luns must be done by logging in to the cluster address not an individual node".

We have a cluster CLS1 with two nodes NodeA and B. When mounting shared LUNs, if one logs in on either Node A or B, we get errors and the LUNs are not monted properly.  If we login to CLS1, it works properly.

As part of our DR plan, I am trying to script the mounting of the LUNs using powershell from within a VMware SRM recovery plan.  I was hoping to use Enter-PSSession to CLS1 to run a script with the appropriate sdcli commands in it. Problem: Enter-PSSession doesn't work with the cluster address only with the individual nodes.  Problem: If sdcli is run on a node not the cluster, the LUNs do not mount.

I tried PsExec from the Ps-Tools and it will not connect to the Cluster either.

I seem to be stuck, I cannot find a way to execute the sdcli command on the cluster remotely ( from the SRM server ).

If my assumption about sdcli is in fact incorrect, how can it be run on a node yet do the right thing ?

If my assumption is correct, any clues as to how to run it on the cluster remotely ?

Any help appreciated.

SnapDrive and MS Clusters

not sure it's the same problem but try allowing SWsvc through the windows firewall even if disabled. read this helped me with mscs and snapdrive