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SnapDrive and MS Clusters


Firstly, I'll state an assumption which we seem to have demonstrated but are not sure is correct is a fact.

"When using sdcli (or SnapDrive MMC plugin), mounting 'shared disk' luns must be done by logging in to the cluster address not an individual node".

We have a cluster CLS1 with two nodes NodeA and B. When mounting shared LUNs, if one logs in on either Node A or B, we get errors and the LUNs are not monted properly.  If we login to CLS1, it works properly.

As part of our DR plan, I am trying to script the mounting of the LUNs using powershell from within a VMware SRM recovery plan.  I was hoping to use Enter-PSSession to CLS1 to run a script with the appropriate sdcli commands in it. Problem: Enter-PSSession doesn't work with the cluster address only with the individual nodes.  Problem: If sdcli is run on a node not the cluster, the LUNs do not mount.

I tried PsExec from the Ps-Tools and it will not connect to the Cluster either.

I seem to be stuck, I cannot find a way to execute the sdcli command on the cluster remotely ( from the SRM server ).

If my assumption about sdcli is in fact incorrect, how can it be run on a node yet do the right thing ?

If my assumption is correct, any clues as to how to run it on the cluster remotely ?

Any help appreciated.



not sure it's the same problem but try allowing SWsvc through the windows firewall even if disabled. read this https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=2013396 helped me with mscs and snapdrive