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SnapDrive fails to remap LUN after VM reboot

I am running SnapDrive in a few Windows 2008 R2 VMware VM's that map to a few different LUN's (iSCSI) via the Windows iSCSI initiator. Sometimes after a graceful Windows restart the LUN's fail to map. When I open up SnapDrive and try to manually map/connect them I am given the error that they are already mapped to the initiator name corresponding that same VM and it gives me a few options, one of which is to unmap the LUN and remap, which is what I end up doing to fix the problem.

What could be causing this issue? Are the LUNs supposed to unmap when the VM's reboot and remap upon restart? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Our NetApp is a FAS2040 rev A4 running ontap  8.0.1 7-Mode. The LUNs are being mapped for SQL or Exchange databases.


SnapDrive fails to remap LUN after VM reboot

While reviewing the logs I restarted the VM and noticed that when the VM would boot up I would get a LUN mapping authentication failure message. So I unmapped the LUNs "lun unmap <lun> <igroup>" and removed the Microsoft iSCSI initiator information from the VM, then remapped/reconnected the LUNs via SnapDrive which prompted me to recreate the igroup information....I then rebooted the VM a few times to make sure everything was working fine.

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