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SnapDrive native in VM Guest

Does anyone have any "how to" docs or notes on how to install SnapDrive in a VM guest without using a RDM?


Re: SnapDrive native in VM Guest

Hi Tim,

I'm not sure I competely understand the question but you can initiate an iSCSI connection from *within* the VM guest. That iSCSI connection and associated LUN can be managed by SnapDrive and the steps (patches, process, etc) are outlined in the admin guide.


If on the other hand, you're trying to use FCP within the VM guest, RDMs is the only supported option (currently).




Re: SnapDrive native in VM Guest

I am trying to find a way to use Snapdrive in a VMware guest over FCP.

Re: SnapDrive native in VM Guest

The SnapDrive user guide has details on how to do this and what is supported. You can only do this today with Windows guest and using RDMs mounted to the VM. The OS can me in a VMDK but the data drive you want snapped has to be a RDM.


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