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SnapManager Products and Virtualization

So I can find a million supported documents about using a SnapManager products (SMO, SME, SMSQL) all as a virtualized guest. What I can't seem to find is if it is supported while the Oracle or (other solution) is in a guest. Does it work with a virtualized Oracle, Exchange, SQL, SAP instance? Does it require RDM's or is it acceptable to use a vmdk? I actually have a client who has 100% virtualized infrastructure and has some backup issues with their SQL and Oracle servers.


My initial thought is just SMVI but this won't make a application consistant backup of the running database instance, correct?


Thanks in advance for your feedback!


Re: SnapManager Products and Virtualization


Please look at discussions such as http://communities.netapp.com/message/21100#21100 for more information on this topic.

Hope it's helpfull.


Re: SnapManager Products and Virtualization


It is definitely supported & if we are talking about Windows guests, then with SnapDrive 6.2 you can either use RDMs connected over FC (this came with SDW 6.1) or via iSCSI through ESX stack (in versions prior to 6.2 you were forced to use MS software iSCSI initiator inside guest).


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