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SnapMirror Source Moving Filers

We are a DR destination for a customer with a FAS2020.  They are upgrading to a new system, 3210, and will be moving all the storage to it.  All of the storage is VMware.  If we SnapMirror the data from the 2020 to the 3210 won't that bring over the snapmirror baseline transfer snapshot thus eliminating the need to re-initialize all the data on the new 3210 to our DR site?


Re: SnapMirror Source Moving Filers

You have to do the baseline transfer again, if it is with in the datacenter on that LAN it will have a much higher transfer speed.

If it is across dataceneter you can also use SM to Tape method for baseline, typically used in low network bandwidth environments.

Re: SnapMirror Source Moving Filers

Are you sure about this?

Wouldn't the procedure described by Scott - https://communities.netapp.com/message/64492#64492 - work also for moving source filers?



Re: SnapMirror Source Moving Filers

Now I read the question correctly, I am not completely sure but as far as both the systems sees the common snapmirror snapshots I guess it will work.

Re: SnapMirror Source Moving Filers

Hi Radek,

We too do SnapMirror cascading on the destination side to move volumes between aggr and controllers, but have not on the source side.  I would think it works as long as the same baseline snapshot is on both volumes (source and destination).  I'm sure someone has done this before on the source side and it would be nice to have confirmation.


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