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SnapVault Update based on SMVI SnapShot (_recent)

Hi, does someone have the configuration to make a SnapVault update of an SMVI primary Snapshot using SnapCreator? If not for SMVI, a example how to setup an SV update Configuration with an existing primary snapshot. thank you, regards Maurice


Re: SnapVault Update based on SMVI SnapShot (_recent)

Maurice, Found a solution for this in the meantime (snapvault update -s)? Regards, Geert

Re: SnapVault Update based on SMVI SnapShot (_recent)

Hello Maurice,

have a look on this option


This setting disables the SnapCreator from creating a Snapshot copy. The idea of this option is that SnapCreator can handle SnapVault or SnapMirror for SnapManager. 

For this setting to work, the SnapManager Snapshot copies need to follow this naming convention: <snapshot copy name>-<policy>_recent

CU Piero

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