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SnapVault with C-Mode on VSC 4.2.1


Hello Guys and Gals,

I'm trying to find a clever way to be able to utilize Snapvault with our C-Mode Clusters, and our VSC 4.2.1 install. We can't move to 5 because of our linked environment, and I will not be able to convince our VMWare Admins to switch.

My initial idea was to just have VSC do its normally scheduled backup, then followed by a scheduled Snapvault update, but I believe I have ran into an issue where I need to have the snapmirror-label applied to the source.

Am I looking at this wrong?

Is there a way to have snapvault in C-Mode not require that label to be populated?

Is there some setting I can apply to VSC to make all smvi snapshots have that tag applied?

Has someone already created a VSC script to perform the label change, and would like to share that?

Or for the best case, when is VSC 5 going to support linked VMWare environments? 


Re: SnapVault with C-Mode on VSC 4.2.1


you need to call a script from the smvi job, wich sets the snapmirror label on the snapshot it has just created.

and you need to change the smvi default naming to use timestamp instead of _recent.  or else your snapvault update wont work, becourse your snapshot name is the same everytime

se netapp kb 1012923 (i am having some problems with the timestamp naming, it sometimes falls back to using  _recent.)

and this guy made a script wich you can edit a little.  and call from a smvi script,  take a look at netapp tr3737


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Re: SnapVault with C-Mode on VSC 4.2.1


Yes, this is definitely pointing me in the right direction. Although, I do notice that the STORAGE_SNAPSHOT.* variables are unexpectedly putting the "/vol/" in front of the C-Mode volumes, and I am having to replace that text in my powershell script.

Import-Module dataontap

$snapshotinfo = @()

Get-ChildItem Env: | where-object {$_.Name -like 'STORAGE_SNAPSHOT.*'} | foreach-object {

          $values = $_.Value.split(":")

          $Snapinfo = @{

                    filer = $values[0]

                    volume = $values[1]  -replace "/vol/", ""

                    snapshot = $values[2]


          $newObject = New-Object PSObject -Property $Snapinfo

          $snapshotinfo += $newObject


I have another additional question/issue. In our current VMWare environment, we have a mix of 7-Mode filers(N-Series) and C-Mode boxes. Is there a powershell query I can run to determine if the 'filer' is C-Mode or 7-Mode? Then use the results to determine which way to do the backup.

Re: SnapVault with C-Mode on VSC 4.2.1

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