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Snapdrive on MS Cluster on Vmware cluster

I have just one question

I have two node ESXi cluster, version 4.1 U1. On that cluster we install Microsoft Cluster 2008 R2. First MS Cluster node is on one ESXi node cluster, and another one is on second one.

Machines are connect to FAS 3210 store through FC connection. We install Microsoft cluster with Vmware installation guide (make rules, that machines can not move to another nodes ....)

I use snapdrive 6.3p2

So my question is can I use snapdrive in MS Cluster configuration on Vmware cluster. My oppinoin is that VMware cluster is not supported ....



Snapdrive on MS Cluster on Vmware cluster

Hi, welcome to the community.

Have a look at the interoperability Matrix


It shows an alert and 11 issues with the config you describe.  But if you follow the recommendation it should work.  Not sure if it will result in best pratic however.  Have a look at the technical library and see if there is already a solution for what you are tring to deliever.


Hope it helps


Snapdrive on MS Cluster on Vmware cluster

MS Cluster on Vmware Cluster with SDW is supported.  Here's a KB that goes through setup requirements.


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