Snapmanager for VI 2.0 config issue?

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I feel like a newbie.

I set up Snapmanager for VI today. Everything looks fine BUT i can not se any volumes in Inventory.


I ran smvi discover datastores list and got similar "NFS volume is not exported...bla...bla..."

Customer having a 3210 and we are using vfiler option where the nfs are exported to.


Q? Do i need to configure snapmanager for vfiler?

I'm having access to all system so it want be a problem in that case.




/Regards Bjorn

Snapmanager for VI 2.0 config issue?

Hi Bjorn and welcome to the Community!

What interface are you using - legacy SMVI, or Virtual Storage Console (VSC)? The latter is recommended, as it supersedes the former (free download from NOW, the only caveat is backup & restore functionality must be licensed if used)

VSC is fully vFiler-aware.


Snapmanager for VI 2.0 config issue?

I tried usin legacy but now after talking to Netapp people im using VSC. Im still in the the same problem.

"Did not find any of the following datastores or virtual machine to backup: Storage system (s) may need to be added"

I added the controllers but cant see any volumes.

But when i mean vfiler i think its "multistore"

In OnCommand 2.0 we have "vfiler units" and under them i have a "vf_prod".

And the vf_prod is on another network.

I will try to add a secondary nic and put it on the same network as vfiler unit "vf_prod".