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Snapmirror cleanup



I've been testing VMware SRM and have been working with SnapMirror replication.

After successfully doing our POC, we wanted to clean up and re-start the entire process to document it.

Unfortunately, the clean up process was not done properly and we are left with the following:

On the destination controller within SnapMirror, there is a 'broken-off' volume snapmirror that cannot be deleted.

When I try to delete it (thru the GUI), I get the following error message:

Data ONTAP API Failed:  Snapmirror error:  No release-able destination found that matches those parameters.  (Error:  13102)

Can anyone help me get past this ?




1. Make sure to remove appropriate entries from the snapmirror.conf file.

2. Delete the no longer applicable snapmirror snapshots from the appropriate volume(s).

3. Do a snapmirror destinations on the source filer and see if the relationship is still there.  If it is, do a snapmirror release.

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