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Snapshot space usage on a volume reported 0kb/0%


Hello all,

On my FAS3140A (ONTAP 7.3.1P3) one of the volumes used as NFS datastore for VMWare reports the size for every snapshot to be 0%. I get the same information when viewing it through FilerView or System Manager. However, it is possible to get the capacity used by a snapshot with "snap reclaimable" command.

Other volumes that are used in the same way (exported through NFS) everything is ok. All the snapshots are created from VSC i.e. SMVI.

Any idea what could be wrong? Is there a way to fix this?





I've seen this in my environment after doing a single file snap restore.  The snap totals all show 0 until the snaps roll off.  NetApp support said was by design.



Known bug (142292)


Either upgrade to a newer OnTap (at least 7.3.3 in your case, latest P-release recommended) or try and run "wafl scan ownblocks_calc" on the affected volume, which might fix it.

Anyway it's only a cosmetic issue, no data is lost. "aggr show_space -h" also shows you the volume usage




The wafl scan did not solve the problem. I will upgrade ONTAP on the first occasion.



Hi All,

I am also having the same issue with snapshots being reported as 0kb. I am running ONTAP v7.3.4 on a FAS2020.

I cannot run the wafl scan ownblocks_calc command as it is unavailable to me. According to  http://now.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bugrellist?bugno=142292, this bug is fixed in this version of ONTAP but it clearly isn't!

I also found an article in the community which said that deleting the rstsnap_ restore snapshots would clear the problem - I've also tried that to no avail.

I appreciate that this is purely a reporting bug and that the data is safe but I'm concerned that I may get no warning that my volume is running out of space as and when it approaches it's limit.



Did anyone figure out a resolution to this?  It's just starting happening with a customer I'm working with.  The Netapp is a FAS2050 running OnTAP - the volume in question is being mirrored to a FAS2020 (also - the snapshots show as 0kb there too.  Something about the calculation is being stored, and transferred accross.


Mark Lomas



you should open a case with NetApp for this. But I can tell you what they'll say: it's only a display bug, it's cosmetic, and everything is calculated correctly "under the hood".. We opened about 3 or 4 cases with this problem for different customer systems, and they were all closed with that argument.

Good luck


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