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Storage layout, Exch2007 with SME etc

I am looking to use SME / SDW with Snapmirror and SRM.

I have 4 storage groups each with 1 mailbox database and a 5th storage group with a public folder database. I was thinking of having 5 volumes with 5 luns (one lun per volume), each lun would host the storage group and it’s containing database.

Does this sound like a valid config to use with SME? – If not what should my layout be? – Any other info which would help me avoid potential issues with this setup (exch2007, SME, SDW, Snapmirror and VMware SRM)?

I am new to SME, however I have a good understanding of all other components.


Storage layout, Exch2007 with SME etc


As far as I know, you need to have your mailbox databases and log databases on separate volumes and lun's.  You can put your "snapinfo" directory in the same LUN as the logs, so links can be used to minimize storage requirements.  I believe all of this is in the Best Practices documentation for SME, but it has been while since I read the docs.

Storage layout, Exch2007 with SME etc

Storage layout, Exch2007 with SME etc

thanks for the info

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