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Storevault & Windows Server 2008 - iSCSI a solution?


I know that support for Shares in a Windows 2008 is if not impossible, at least still up in the air.  My question is this:  could the SV be used as solely an iSCSI device and have LUNS attached to Server 2008 machines?  Has anyone tried this?  This is just an idea, can anyone let me know if I'm missing something?





Just confirmed in lab environment that this can be done.  Does anyone see any problems with the setup?

15GB LUN attached to Server 2008 with iSCSI.  2008 Server is a VM in VMWare.


Sounds like a great solution -- once you're into iSCSI, AD is out of the picture (and more importantly, AD compatibility is out of the picture). For VMware and iSCSI, you could either use the iSCSI LUN to provide a spot for your VMFS datastore or as an RDM directly to the Windows VM.

Similarly, you could use NFS from a StoreVault to provide storage to a VMware ESX server that served up Windows VMs in an AD 2008 domain.

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