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Trouble using HA Configuration Checker (ha-config-check.cgi) 2.0



I have a dual-controller FAS2040 and I'm trying to check my HA configuration. I'm having trouble using the HA Configuration Checker utility. I'm running through CLI on Windows. These are the commands I use to run the Configuration Checker:

C:\ha-config-check.exe -l <IPaddressFirstNode> <IPaddressSecondNode>

I have rsh enable on both controllers. And I get the following error when running the configuration checker:

'rsh' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Cannot rsh into <IPaddressFristNode>

I've also tried with ssh but no luck either, I get the same error but with ssh instead of rsh.

Can you please help? Is there some configuration I'm missing?




Hi - Just a quick thought, is the Windows Server a 2008 server? - if it is, make sure RSH has been installed, as it is not installed by default in 2008.

the HA ClusterConfig Checker.exe relies on this heavily.

Do you have DFM Operations Manager? - This has a Cluster Config Checker feature in later version.

Alternatively download and use plink.exe to create a batch file which should be able to invoke the .exe and run it against the NetApp filer.


No, it's a Windows 7 Professional machine. I will check if I have RSH installed on my computer.

What is DFM Operations Manager?

RSH.exe was removed as part of the standard install from Windows Vista and wasnt re-introduced in Windows 7 either. if its not installed, you will need to install the Windows7 package from MS for this utility.

DFM Operation Manager - (DFM - Data Fabric Manager). Its is a Web Based Console for managing NetApp Appliances, which ran from a Windows Server.

It required a license, but allowed for multiple appliances to be managed by it, bit like VCenter for ESX.

It als had a ClusterConfig checking feature.


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