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Two VSC installs, One filer




I am not a storage engineer so please excuse my ignorance.

I am in the process of building a vSphere 6.5 environment and have installed VSC 7.0 P1.

I have not registered the filer against it yet.

I have a vSphere 5.5 production environment with VSC and that has our production filer registered.


Is it ok to have the same filer registered in the new environment at the same time? The 5.5 production environment will be decommissioned once all VM have been migrated.

Further more, some of the volumes will be available in both vSphere environments for a period of time. Any issues with that from a VSC point of view?




Re: Two VSC installs, One filer


Yes, that is fine. The VSC installations keep track of which filers they can talk to, and not the other way around. A filer can be used by multiple VSC installations. 

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