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Unable to add controller in VSC 2.0.1

I have a FAS2020 with one controller and I installed VSC 2.0.1 on my vCenter VM and during installation I added the storage controller and it was discovered successfully. However when I am in vSphere and go to NetApp and then Provision and Cloning and try to add the controller I get an error stating  Cannot Add new storage controller: "Connection Timeout". I have network connectivity from the vCenter VM so I am not sure what the problem is. Any ideas?


Re: Unable to add controller in VSC 2.0.1

Could you open a case with NetApp Global Support?  We can look at the logs and help diagnose the problem.

Re: Unable to add controller in VSC 2.0.1

They were unfortunately unable to provide support they wanted me to contact another branch of support and they were unable to provide me with the contact information.

I don't understand what's happening because I was able to add the storage controller in the rapid cloning utlity but not under provisioning and cloning from the virtual storage console. How can it timeout in one plugin but not in the other, it makes no sense. Any thoughts anyone?

Re: Unable to add controller in VSC 2.0.1

Hello Andrew, I am having the same problem you had previously. Were you able to fix it?

Thank you


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