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Unable to connect to NetApp Simulator from Browser.


Hello everyone:

I'm very new to the setup on the simulator and have finally discovered a very good video on installing and configuring it.

My current setup is as follows

1. Using VM Workstation

2. I'm using 1 vm for viewing, which is Windows 7 ENT

3. I've launched the Data ONTap Simulator vmdk in workstation

4. I ran through the setup of ONTap, setting up 4 IP addresses with my Windows 7 machine using ip address,

5. I can connect to the site from the windows machine, using "" and it states the certificate is invalid, of which I go ahead and continue anyway, which presents me with a link for "na_admin" and after clicking on it, I'm presented with a login dialog, which according to the video has credentials of "root" user and the password I setup during the installation process. After I enter the username and password I'm presented with an error that the webpage cannot be displayed with the most likely causes to be:

a. The website is under maintenance

b. The website has a programming error.

On the video, they are presented with the Data OnTap page with the options I need to get to. I'm not sure where the issue lies and if anyone has any ideas for me on where I can start to troubleshoot, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please let me know if I've left out an pertinent information, or if there are any settings/tests I can run through to get this resolved. I'm still very green in this application, and very eager to learn.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.




FYI. From data ontap 8. X, only the system manager will work no filer view.

thank you,



Thank you for your reply, so how does one get to system manager on this as I've searched extensively on the NetApp site for documentation on completing the setup, from the initial setup document that is included on the download page... It does not go into any details regarding this but only to refer to support.netapp.com. I searched for about the last hour on continuing the remaining steps and so far I've found nothing related to this.

I will keep searching and greatly appreciate your input and direction.