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Unknown NFS ops on NetApp filer


we have a NetApp Filer and i see a lot of IOPS on both controllers.  Using Management Console, i was already able to narrow it down to specific volumes which are NFS Exports.

When i look at the performance statistics, it shows about 15k IOPS on average constantly.  Using Management Console, it shows as all of them as 'nfs_other_ops'.  I'm wondering where they come from and if i can narrow it down further...

We run OnTAP 8.0.2 (plan to upgrade to 8.1.1 in the next few weeks).

thanks a lot!


Re: Unknown NFS ops on NetApp filer


you could enable nfs per client stats (options nfs.per_client_stats.enable on) to see where those iops come from (nfsstat -h or nfsstat -l).

On a personal note, go for ONTAP 8.0.5 instead of 8.1.2 ...

Kind regards


Re: Unknown NFS ops on NetApp filer

Check out the following link - https://communities.netapp.com/thread/6011

Re: Unknown NFS ops on NetApp filer


i found the hosts with this command.  It were some ESXi hosts that were doing massive amounts of 'Lookup' operations (even though nothing is being done over NFS from that ESXi host).  I have opened a case with VMware.

The other hosts are RHEL which are doing 'getattr' and 'access', again by a massive amount.  Our Linux guys are investigating those hosts.


Re: Unknown NFS ops on NetApp filer


opened a case with VMware as the NFS other ops are coming from ESXi for an unknown reason.

Re: Unknown NFS ops on NetApp filer

just a quick note,

When I could not run the 'nfsstat -l' since it has a vfiler enabled.

hence, I needed to run the below command instead :

vfiler run vfiler0 nfsstat -l, which resulted in -

===== vfiler0    <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 30013399682 (100%)    <hostname unknown>              NFSOPS = 27522169102 (100%)


does anyone knows if this is an aggregated value of all Ops done by this client since the stats where zeroed?


Re: Unknown NFS ops on NetApp filer

Could this be nfs other ops? We see a lot of these, most don't go to disk, NFSV3 does a lot setaddr and getaddr.

Re: Unknown NFS ops on NetApp filer

This is an older thread, but can you provide an update on what VMware was able to tell you? 


I'm seeing similar behavior on our vmware NFS exports.




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