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Upgrade From FAS2040 to FAS3270 How Disruptive?


I'm trying to put the steps together to move from a FAS2040 to a FAS3270 to figure out how disruptive this would be to a customer. We need to make some purchasing decissions and projected downtime in the future.

Current layout:

FAS2040 12x450GB 15k drives

Presenting iSCSI and NFS storage to a VMware cluster

Presenting iSCSI LUNs directly to physical clustered SQL servers

We will be adding a SAS disk shelf to the 2040 knowing that down the road there will be an upgrade to the 3270's, because of another datacenter move.

What steps would you recommend for moving everything from the 2040 to the 3270 in the least disruptive way possible.  I'm thinking there will have to be downtime to move the addition disk shelf from the 2040 to the 3270 and then will have to use SnapMirror to move the data from the internal disks with downtime to cutover.  Any additional insight will be helpful.  If there is a document out there about moving disk shelves between controllers that would help too.




Assuming that root volume is completely located on internal disks and you intend to retain FAS2040 identity - snapmirror root volume, mark destination as root, shutdown, connect shelves from FAS2040, reassign disks in maintenance mode, boot. You will need to adjust /etc/rc for different controllers (could be done before final snapmirror cutover) and allow some time for testing (network connections etc). As usual, beware LUN serial numbers change, could be quite confusing for VMware.

There is nothing special in moving shelves - just connect and reassign disks.

I would definitely plan at least couple of hours for it; it also depends on where old and new equipment are located, needed cabling work etc.


One thing that will be useful to you in OnTap8 is the vol move command, this allows non disruptive move of volumes between aggregates, so potentially can move all volumes to the external shelf ahead of move to the 3270…

Then migrate the shelf to the 3270…

Not sure how disruptive that would be off the top of my head, but if you go ontap8 on the 2040…vol move could be very useful

Thanks Paul about the vol move, but isn't that an added cost licensing for DataMotion?

don't think so...vol move is a command in OnTap8 as far as i know...i've used it and not bought any extra licences for it...so think you should be fine...give it a try

NDVM does not work between filers.

Didn’t say it did…it was for moving data from the internal 2040 disks to the external shelf, that was all…

Then the tips you provided would assist in that move of shelf between controllers…

Just to clarify.

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