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Upgrade internal disks on FAS2020


this is my first discussion post and i am also a novice with netapp.

we recently purchased a FAS2020 12x300GB, expecting at least 2TB of storage for a VI with VMware i was greatly dissapointed with all the storage overheads.

my options are to purchase a new shelf, which apparently is too costly at this point or to upgrade 6 of the 300GB SAS drives with 6 1TB SATA drives in the FAS2020 internal shelf.

is this possible?


Upgrade internal disks on FAS2020


Hi Atagallie,

I beleive It is possible to mix the size of the disk but really is not recommended:

* The first problem you will have is you will probably have to destroy the aggregate and start again with removing this number of disks.

* Generally, differant disk types are not allowed within a single aggregate. i.e SAS and SATA mix.

* ONTAP will write size the disk so you would won't get any benefit from mixing disk sizes if creating a single aggregate. 1Tb disk will be sized to 300Gb

* You should not mix disk speeds (10k & 15k) in the same aggregate. It is possible but will limit the performance on the faster drives.

In essence, it's best to purchase a new shelf with the same disks if you are creating a single aggregate other you will have perfromance issues. This is my best understanding of how it works but maybe a guru on the forum can give you exact details.

Hope this helps


Re: Upgrade internal disks on FAS2020


Hi and welcome to the Community!

Is your filer a dual-controller unit? Have you looked at some other discussions about how to 'squeeze' the most usable space from a 12-disk config?






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Upgrade internal disks on FAS2020


guys thanks for your repsonses

i think i will utilise the:

Seven data disks.

C1: 10 disks (7D + 2P) 1 HS

C2: 2 disks (RAID4: 1D + 1P) 0 HS


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