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Using Offload features in a VM


Hi everyone,


I got the task to transfer the content of a iscsi LUN to another LUN due to LUN geometry/sizing issues.



Are there any netapp offloading functions i can use in a VM (Windows) to accelerate the copy from one lun drive to another lun drive?

It would be nice to keep the work on the filer and don't stress the network for reading/writing.



Thx 4 any answer.



Re: Using Offload features in a VM


If you're using a newer version of clustered Data ONTAP, SMB 3, and a compatible version of Windows, then it will use ODX to transfer data...this works SMB3-to-SMB3, LUN-to-LUN and LUN-to-SMB3 (or vice-versa).  Some more info is available here.  


Be sure to give the "File Access and Protocols Management Guide" for your Data ONTAP version a read just to ensure you understand what the requirements are and what's going on with your data.  For 8.2 there is a section titled "Improving Microsoft Remote Copy Performance" which specifically addresses ODX. 


Hope that helps.



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