VAAI question

First, I can't speak english well.sorry.


I have 2 questions relating to VAAI.
vSphere 5.5/ONTAP 8.3/VAAI enable environment.



When I clone virtual machine that have two different ontap cluster volume, is VAAI's copy offload applied to cloned VM?

Please see attached picture.


If cloned virtual machine with VAAI offload was moved by a VMotion, this virtual machine size will increase?

I think VAAI's dedupelicaiton will be disabled. So it's size will increase. 






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This KB may give answer for some part of your queries.

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Thank you for the material.

No.2, There is a possibility that vmdk file size will increase size, if
NetApp's deduplication technology is enabled.
because Storage vMotion isn't used NAS VAAI Offload.



2に関してはそもそもVAAIが絡まず、元ボリュームに重複排除が掛かっていれば当然Storage vMotion時はサイズが増えますね。


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I agree with you.
Even if deduplication is enabled on destination volume, blocks will be written without deduplication first. Later after deduplication is processed, volume usage will be reduced.