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VCenter P2V with LUNs on SVM1 to SVM2


We have a 4 node cluster with 3x SVMs being used. The 2 impoortant ones are SVM1 for VMware and SVM2 for Physical servers (mainly hosting SQL).


We are in the process of performing a P2V, however the Physical has LUNs (7 of them) on SVM2 and the igroup for the existing vm cluster is on SVM1. 


Originally I talked to our resident VMware guru and he said we needed Netapp VSC. We installed VSC but that employee is no longer with the company. My vmware knowledge is lacking and I admit this. I REALLY don't want to have to perform a vol rehost just to make this work, is there an alternative? Seems like this shouldn't be this difficult. 



Netapp 4 node cluster (2x AF300, 2x FAS8200)
VCenter 6.0



Please let me know if you need any further details and thank you in advance.



@LOverman Are you still looking for the solution?

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