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VMFS iSCSI Volume Sizing


I've got a questions about our VMFS datastores.  We have two LUNs for our Vmware Datastores both residing on the same Volume (vmfs1)

/vol/vmfs1/lun0iscsi.datastore11.7Tonlinevmware_igroup1 : 0
/vol/vmfs1/lun1iscsi.datastore21.7Tonlinevmware_igroup1 : 1

both residing on the same Volume (vmfs1)

Type:FlexibleRoot Volume?-
FlexClone ?-Containing Aggregate:aggr0
Used Capacity:1.12 TBSpace Guaranteevolume
% Used:66%Language:en
Total Capacity:1.7 TBTotal Size:1.7 TB
Number of Files:125Max Directory Size:17.9 MB
Max Files:31.9 m
SNAP Mirror?-SNAP Directory?-
SNAP?-Resync SNAP Time:60
SVO Enable?-SVO Checksum?-
Allow SVO RMAN?-SVO Reject Errors?-
Create Unicode?-Convert Unicode?-
Minimal Read Ahead?-NV Fail?-
Fractional Reserve :100Extent?-
FS Size Fixed?-Update Access time?/na_admin/images/check12x12white.gif
I2P?/na_admin/images/check12x12white.gifIgnore Inconsistent??-

What I'm scared of here is that we have a 1.7TB volume with two 1.7TB LUNS on it that are both almost full and Netapp is only reporting 66% usage.  Shouldnt the volume be 2x 1.7TB to be sized correctly?


Re: VMFS iSCSI Volume Sizing


Looks like A-sis(advanced single-instance storage) is enabled for the volume.

What is the output of df -hs ? This will tell you the savings from A-sis

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Re: VMFS iSCSI Volume Sizing


Thanks for the tip. I wasn’t aware that we had A-sis going yet. 50% dedup explains the sizing perfectly.

/vol/vmfs1/ 1161GB 1176GB 50%

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