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VMWARE SRM 4.0 and SRA NetApp

VMware SRM 4.0 is now released and support NFS.

What about NetApp SRA ;

Is SRA version 1.0.1 support SRM 4.0 ?

is SRA version 1.0.1 support NFS (SRM 4.0) ?

I don't think so : http://www.vmware.com/pdf/srm_storage_partners.pdf

When N

Thaks for your help



Re: VMWARE SRM 4.0 and SRA NetApp

Hello,  the version 1.0.1 adapter cannot be used with the vSphere version of SRM.  The new NetApp adapters will be posted shortly, we expect within the next few days.

There are two new NetApp adapters for SRM in vSphere.  The is a NAS (NFS) Adapter version 1.4 and a SAN (iSCSI/FCP) Adapter version 1.4.  These must be used with vSphere.


Re: VMWARE SRM 4.0 and SRA NetApp

Any update on this release? We have a customer who wants to go vSphere 4 and SRM 4 today.

Re: VMWARE SRM 4.0 and SRA NetApp


You can download SRM and the new SRA's @ VMware.

SRM download link: http://downloads.vmware.com/d/info/datacenter_downloads/vmware_vcenter_site_recovery_manager/4_0

I don't know if this link will work: http://downloads.vmware.com/d/details/srm400/ZCVwYmQlZCpiQHBA


Boeckx Kris


Re: VMWARE SRM 4.0 and SRA NetApp

Ok, great, so the SRA is out there for download.

How about TR-3671? I've seen posts from Larry T. that reference this document updated for SRM 4 will be available in "a few days" as of October 6, but I can't find it on the NOW site.

One of our key questions is whether all datastores associated with a protected VM must be on the same controller, as was previously the case.

Re: VMWARE SRM 4.0 and SRA NetApp


I did not read official documentation about this "single source and destination filer" thing. Last week I talked to a consultant about this an it's still the same in SRM 4.0. So before implementing SRM, you should consider a redisign of you vmware storage enviroment if datastores / RDM's are spread over multiple filers.

I'm also waiting for an update on TR-3671.


Boeckx Kris


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